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Our Customers

A partnership based on trust and concrete results

The quality and consistency of Fides’ services has allowed us to build strong relationships with our customers.

In Fides, a specialized and totally dedicated team is assigned to each client, responding to any kind of request. Every team is coordinated by a supervisor. All team members are carefully chosen so that their features and skills are the most suitable for customers and types of credit.

All procedures and work stages are managed in a very transparent way. Our clients can check in real time the evolution of collection activity within established criteria.

Competence and flexibility have allowed Fides to gradually expand its field of intervention, providing its services to new sectors. Today more and more companies have found in Fides a reliable and highly efficient partner.


Consumer credit is the sector that mostly gave a boost to the growth of Fides, which proved to be able to respond to the market’s needs in a very prompt and efficient way. Fides proved to be one of the most efficient operators. Nowadays it collaborates with all the main Italian companies of this sector, managing hundreds of thousands of cases every year.


Often banks have to face a growing number of stalemate situations, due to credits and bank overdrafts, whose management can strongly influence the development of their credit policies. Fides has been using specific procedures and dedicated teams which are able to respond to the needs of bank institutions, as Fides understands their key-role, both economically and socially.

Leasing and renting

Leasing and renting companies have always dealt with credit and collection issues with their customers, that are mostly companies. After collaborating with some of the main Italian companies in this sector for a long time, Fides is specialized in the management of the main activities and cases related to this particular type of credit, such as asset management, invoicing issues, direct debit, extra services, etc.
A dedicated team, made up of specifically trained operators, is able to deal with debtor companies, offering them concrete answers, and finding solutions adjusted to their needs.


The Italian utilities market is going through a huge transformation process. Issues regarding insolvency, and credit in general, have gained more and more value becoming crucial aspects for this kind of companies.
Thanks to its expertise, gained with companies in which debt collection is a core activity, Fides is able to promptly and efficiently support utilities companies, as an attentive and reliable partner.


Public Administration in Italy is facing a very important changing process. Today, more and more often, Institutions need to find a balance between their economic needs and their relationship with citizens.
Fides can support Public Administration Offices in managing their revenues in an innovative and efficient way, making collection times quicker and reducing management costs. Fides is a benchmark and is always willing to help.

Extrajudicial Collection: Epistolary, Phone, and Door-to-door Collection

Judicial Collection

Credit Management Consulting

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