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A proven experience in credit,
from collection to consultancy

Forniamo servizi personalizzati consolidando la posizione di mercato dei nostri clienti Recupero crediti stragiudiziale con attività epistolare e telefonica Recupero crediti stragiudiziale con attività domiciliare Recupero crediti giudiziale Consulenza gestione crediti

Extrajudicial Collection: Epistolary, Phone, and Door-to-door Collection

Judicial Collection

Credit Management Consulting

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Fides offers a wide range of services in credit management, covering all possible needs.

In last years, credit market has gone through a constant development process. So, we have created safe and efficient methods and procedures, in order to respond to the growing needs of this sector. Such needs involve all economic operators, not just specialists. From trading and utilities companies to public administration, credit protection represents an issue of growing importance and difficult management.

Thanks to our method we can provide customized services according to the needs of our clients, protecting their corporate image and consolidating their market position with respect to customers / debtors.

Fides means highly targeted skills, a qualified call centre, a wide network of external collection agents, and a legal office dedicated to consultancy services. All condensed in a single body that will meet your needs.

Phone Collection

Phone Collection is typically used as the first activity of collection, as it lowers operating costs and reduces management times. It is normally used for debts recently expired, but it can be implemented in more difficult circumstances, such as older debts, whereas greater negotiation efforts and a more accurate analysis of debtor's solvency are needed. Debtors are supported to find, where possible, a truly sustainable solution.

A team of qualified professionals is available to provide assistance to our customers. We have invested on our internal resources: all staff members attend training and updating courses, so that they can deal with any situation in a fully independent way, and supported by the most innovative technologies.

Our phone collection staff is articulated into several teams; each team is made up of members who attended advanced training programs and gained the necessary knowledge to manage their work autonomously, with the coordination and support of experienced supervisors.

The team structure is flexible and varies from time to time depending on the mandates received from the customer. Consequently, the most suitable staff members, number of resources and duration of the assignment are defined.

We have also created a special team, operating in Spanish, French and English, to work with foreign clients and debtors.

Door-to-door Collection

Door-to-door collection on Italian territory is one of the strong points of Fides. Actions are strongly aimed at efficiency and respect of both customer’s image and debtor’s position. One or more meetings with debtors are arranged in order to agree with them upon potential payment solutions, in accordance with the terms set by the customer company.

Thanks to our network of external collection agents, Fides can operate on a national scale. Our agents act with the highest degree of professionalism and make a real consultancy activity. They deeply analyse debtor’s economic situation and support him to find possible solutions to face insolvency.

Legal and Judicial Collection

If phone and door-to-door collection give no results, in order to try to collect their credit, companies can take legal actions.

Since legal action in Italy has longer times and higher costs than door-to-door and phone collection, before taking the decision to act, we define with our customer if and how to proceed.

Fides has its own law office that works in collaboration with a network of affiliated law offices, spread throughout the Italian territory. Over the years, Fides has gained a specific competence in this field, that is now available to customers. Working in synergy with extrajudicial collectors and our team of lawyers, specialized in debt collection, is extremely important for evaluating every single case, analysing the debtor’s economic and financial situation, and elaborating a reliable assessment of the amount collected in litigation.

Only when the possibilities of success are real, case is managed by our network of lawyers, both internal and external, who can proceed, in agreement with the customer, with a dunning letter and formal notice of default, injunctions, arraignment, and consequent executive actions.

The aim is to increase the chance to collect debt reducing times and costs.

Credit Management Consultancy

In order to integrate credit management and collection activities, Fides can offer several specialized services for an optimal and more efficient management of the credit cycle of our customers.

We support our customers in planning and building their own collection cycle, helping them both in operational and legal aspects.